I am a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, receiving my Certification and Accreditation from the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Encinitas, California.   One of the few State Certified Holistic Institutes in California and the surrounding states.

As a practitioner and human being I have had a wide range of experiences.  I am a Native Californian.As a child I grew up around the health industry as a professional racquetball player of over 7 years, ranking in the top 5 of my category  for over 4 years. Receiving several sponsorships, and playing tournaments,  growing up around all the clubs, protein drinks, exercises, and competitive push for the best have all stayed very much a part of my life. I am a proud and avid Vegan of over 20 years. Health and holistic medicine are and have been very much a part of my life and love for as long as I can remember. I grew up in an Orchard in a rural and suburban environment. I am well aquainted with, and love all aspects of the outdoors, and farming.

As a Natural products representative, educator and demonstrator, I have been truly blessed to have worked with, and do work with what I believe are some of the absolute best companies on the market. Including Healthforce Nutritionals, Flora, All-One, Heel, Enzymedica, Alaffia, and Better Botanicals to name a few. I am very thankful for the ground breaking and innovative work of each and all of these companies, the modeling of focus and growth both nutritionally, and as successful businesses that they provide myself and the public with their great strides. I have spoken with thousands upon thousands of people regarding many different holistic and nutritional issues in this capacity.

In my Holistic Medicine and Nutritional career I have been fortunate enough to have worked in both the private and public sector of holistic health and medicine, working with both Mother’s Market and Kitchen (one of the largest Holistic and Natural products retailers in the U.S.), and the Whitaker Wellness Institute, (the largest integrated medical facility in the U.S.) where I was blessed with the opportunity to observe, deepen my understanding and receive education first hand regarding the
benefits of many cutting edge alternative treatments, and work with healthy to critically ill individuals seeking relief not only from their respective ailments, but from a medical system that sought to cause them greater harm through their hurried and careless dismissive approach to treatments, leaving the patient to fend for themselves, and be smarter than their doctors, knowing deep down there was a better way than toxic overmedication, haphazard diagnoses, and hacking or cutting off things which could still be healed and restored.

In my Human Services career, I have been blessed with a background of over 12-13 years of Human Services work in the behavioural health field. I have been blessed to have worked with a very diverse range of individuals. I worked with severely abused and neglected children ages 4-18, as a house manager, I worked directly on the staff of the Mayor of Long beach in a role of multiple capacity, as a legislative analyst, and general legislative staff. I worked with people living with HIV/AIDS in Laguna Beach,
seniors who received or needed  in home meal delivery and needed intensive case management, single families in need of assistance for child care costs , and seniors who were chronically and persistently mentally ill, who were at risk of or already homeless in a full service program in Orange County California.

I am a graduate of Cal State University Fullerton with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Human Services, and a double major of Administrative Management, and Individual Counseling.

For behavioral health and science, Cal State University Fullerton is regarded as one of the top two Universities in the State of California  one can attend. It’s Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work programs and professors are regarded as some of the best in their field , and have written text books now used by hundreds of universities in the United States and europe. Two of the head professors developed the wellness and recovery approach to treatment, which is now used as the standard of treatment in hundreds of counties and many states in the U.S. as their official stance of approach to counseling in their respective geographic regions. I consider myself very fortunate to have received my education from their departments and staff, having learned from some of the best in the field.

Time and time again , with all the varieties of people I’ve been blessed to have worked with, and am continually blessed  to with, I saw how simple steps and adjustments to diets, or applications of holistic medicine in all it’s varied capacities,  dramatically improved the symptomologies of all of these greatly differing demographics.

“Diseases” would disappear, cognitive functioning would become more elastic and sharp, behavioural challenges would decrease in severity or vanish, meds would work miraculously better if needed at all.  Blood sugar would stay level, t cell counts would improve, depressive episodes would become highly infrequent,cognitive functioning would sharpen, tantrums would “miraculously” become non-existent.  We have barely scratched the surface of what we can do.

I am a Cancer Survivor, and so is my Mother. I am a survivor of Lymphoma, and believe it was God who saved my life, and answered my prayers as well as the prayers of others. My mother is a Breast Cancer survivor. I do not take these issues lightly, and will rarely discuss them unless I feel strong and safe enough to do.

I take what I do very seriously, and consider it my goal to help provide the absolute best and most comprehensive, effective, and powerful personalized support I can provide to my clients, family and friends. I want you to have the absolute best quality of life possible in every way and will settle for nothing less. However it is a process, and as a practitioner who works on a wellness and recovery format, not a medical format, I will meet you where you are at and we can build your goals from there.
I will never work harder than you’re willing to work for yourself, but whatever you’re willing to do, I will be right there with you to help you take a step further when you are ready and willing to do so.

It is this experience, passion, and compassion to help you have the best quality of life possible that I now am making available to you to have to absolute best life possible.

admin says:

Thank you Terri!

Terri Biniasz says:

I BELIEVE! I believe everything in your Bio and I want to BE the things you state are possible. I am only 52 years old but “sick” every day with migraines, degenerative disc “disease”, muscle spasms and nausea. I believe my body is probably toxic due to being over medicated. I am aging rapidly and not happy about this. When I find employment I will come in for a Nutritional Consultation. Peace and God Bless!
p.s. I think you are awesome and yes, God did save you! :) He was not finished with you yet and had better things in store for you.

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