I made it a conscious choice in my life to reach out to more and more people as time progressed. To connect with people that really needed help, and that were on my heart,that mattered to me. I don’t need theories, or other people’s ideas to know what works, I have all the proof I need from the life I’ve lived, the people I’ve interacted with first hand, the gifts I possess, and the grace that’s been shown to me. I’ve seen beautiful and heinous behaviour from every aspect of life, the well to do, and the people that are struggling, and everything in between. I choose to make my experiences and insights meaningful, and to warn me about the emptiness of some human interactions. I don’t look at prosperity as a means to become more distant and aloof, I look at learning and sharing how to have good health and smart passive income as a way to free me up, and let me work with the least fortunate to have a better quality of life, to offer love, and hope and guidance and compassion, and when I get a break, to treat myself or my loved one’s to something nice. Everything else just seems empty, hollow, illusory, and pointless. I could try to find meaning in it I guess, but I can only force myself into rationalizing what’s meaningful to me for so long, and then misery will visit me again. That’s just no good for anyone is it? How can it possibly be when a more powerful and better path is buffered away and so divinely clear. I’m empowered to empower others. All they have to do is connect.

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