Welcome to Jeff’s Best Nutrition!

What is this site?

This is my means of simply introducing myself to you, help give you some background on myself, and help give you a better understanding of my knowledge, heart, experience, skills, and passions.

On this site you will find my brief autobiographical bio, my summary and range of experiences, people I have worked with, and why I view things the way that I do.

As a Clinical Nutritionist and a Behavioural Specialist, it is important to me that your choices reflect your best and highest use of time, and that your time with me is a reflection of the same attitude towards me when we consult for your Personalized Nutritional services in what you desire for yourself.

From here you are able to arrange a consult, review my comentaries, or simply browse through and purchase what I feel are some of the best representations of powerful and amazing holistic medicinal and nutritional items available on the market that I use frequently in my practice and refer to as a practitioner, as well as use myself.

For consultations, rates vary from $80-150 per hour, depending on the type of consultation needed. You are receiving high quality care from a wide array of experience and I am skilled in what I do. I consider these rates to be very reasonable for the quality of care you will receive.

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