This week got me thinking about social media, networks, people, personalities, depression and expression. Firstly, that I absolutely have concluded I do NOT have a personality that lends itself well to stuff like this. I move too fast, I talk too fast, much of the best of me is too confined in this type of […]

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My life…..

On February 13, 2013 By

I made it a conscious choice in my life to reach out to more and more people as time progressed. To connect with people that really needed help, and that were on my heart,that mattered to me. I don’t need theories, or other people’s ideas to know what works, I have all the proof I […]

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Welcome to Jeff’s Best Nutrition!

What is this site?

This is my means of simply introducing myself to you, help give you some background on myself, and help give you a better understanding of my knowledge, heart, experience, skills, and passions.

On this site you will find my brief autobiographical bio, my summary and range […]

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