Diabetes? No sweat, we can get that under control

Weight Loss? No sweat, we can get you looking sharp and do it safely

Inflammation and Arthritis? No worries, we’ll get that under control in no time

And that is the tip of the iceberg in terms of improving your quality of life and health!

People hit me up with stuff every day, and I give them empowering information to get their lives under control, and back in sync. I get feedback that even the little tidbits I’m able to share in passing completely turn it around for some people. Results speak for themselves, and I get them for people. FAST.

I am so incredibly thankful to be able to help people reach their goals

and find happiness again!


Information, Education and Guidance are the very pillars of health.

Motivation and compliance, are the rest.

People’s priorities are so screwed up, and misinformation in the health industry, from well meaning (or not so well meaning) individuals, family members and friends is rampant, and 99% of the time have no idea what they’re talking about, and they do it at your expense. In the information age, a lack of information is just as rare as the right information, or information overload entirely. When it’s not what you do for a living, it’s can overwhelm people fast, make them just shut down, and that’s a horrible thing to have happen when someone starts off trying to get better.

Ask anyone, I’m a straight forward no nonsense guy, and an Expert in my field. I’m here to help give you the encouragement, answers, and a solid plan you need to shorten your learning curve and get you RESULTS to keep the momentum of that Wellness Train rolling!

People spend money on the craziest things, but when it comes to their health, unless there’s a crisis, they stall and dismiss. When that crisis hits, then all of a sudden they are less concerned with their cars and houses, and much more concerned with their health, the quality of their life, and what is needed to make it as amazing as possible.

My entire background is in Intensive Behavioral Crisis Work, with critically ill and greatly compromised people. I know how to make things better fast. When you’re out on the front lines, you can’t be a bullshitter, it’s as simple as that. You either get it done, and you get it done right, or you have serious consequences to face, and people can suffer tremendously. Fortunately I know what’s up. I bring that drive, expertise, and mad skills to the table to make it work for you. My clients will testify to this fact.

As a Clinical Nutritionist and a Behavioural Specialist, it is important to me that your choices reflect your best and highest use of time, and that your time with me is a reflection of the same attitude towards me when we consult for your Personalized Nutritional services in what you desire for yourself.

From here you are able to arrange a consult, review my commentaries, or simply browse through and purchase what I feel are some of the best representations of powerful and amazing holistic medicinal and nutritional items available on the market that I use frequently in my practice and refer to as a practitioner, as well as use myself.

For consultation, My services are just $98 per hr. I consider my skills and information to be valuable, and your treatment plan will be personally tailor made to fit your desired results and goals, plus all my usual power and pizzazz to help you make it happen.

Schedule an appointment today and lets get a plan for you that turns it all around!

What? Still not sure I can seal the deal and turn it around for you? Check out these testimonials!

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